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Our Classes

Our classes have been created to bring positivity through a high-energy, safe and fun workout appropriate for all fitness levels and ages.

All classes take a 50% deposit and the remaining balance will be paid on the day


Simply Barre

Highly recommended to begin your journey with 4 the love of barre. Its a great opportunity for those who are new to barre to learn the foundational aspects of the method. The class starts and finishes with yoga inspired streeches working with the breath. The class emphasises on form and alignment to build your understanding of barre. Optional weights are used for extra resistance and modifications are given during this fun dynamic sequence, with a banging music playlist to keep you motivated throughout!


Mind & Body

Be prepared to sweat it out, feel the burn and love that shake! Also ideal for beginners. This class takes it up a notch from the simply barre sequence and will allow you to perfect the skills you have learnt and build on holding the shapes for longer durations, along with introducing new variations, and of course a banging new music playlist!

Lose yourself in this fun dynamic sequence that also has a extra relaxing mid class stretch working with the breath to nourish your mind body & soul!

Bump & Me

This class is designed with the prenatal body in mind. Suitable for all trimesters, the class focuses on the upper body, thighs & glutes. Optional light weights may be used or your own bodyweight, go with what works best for you!

We finish with yoga inspired stretches and relaxation working with the breath to enhance mum & baby connection.

This is a effective way of eliminating stress & anxiety as well as boosting your sleep & mental clarity.

All of which deepens the connection to you and your baby!

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Multiple Participants

We offer dedicated sessions for multiple participants, consisting of: 

3-4 participants (£30)

5-6 participants (£25)

7+ participants (£20)

If you would like more information or would want to book a session, please email us using the link below.

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